It's Proud to Be a Digital Influencer!

Week ago, I got an invite to attend the prestige "Digital Influencers Marketing Summit" spearheaded by the Blogger Entrepreneur Ms. Janette Toral, a social media expert. The event was held in the SMX Convention Center, September 29, 2012.

The event was a gathering of the bloggers, social media, and online enthusiasts who were dubbed as the "Digital Influencers." Well if you still didn't know, "Digital Influencers" are people who truly influence other people and create an impact in the society through the use of online media. They were synonymous to 'endorsers' and 'advocates!'

Bloggers just like yours truly is proud to be one of the Digital Influencers. Well, with my five active blog sites (except the underground blogs), I influence people in my own way.

I'm a Proud Digital Influencers!

My Souvenir T-Shirt for Being a Digital Influencers

The Digital Influencers Marketing Summit Held
The event was inline with the annual "Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs" Ms. Janette commenced the program by introducing the previous winners of the prestige award up to this years victorious bloggers. I participated in this year's activity by giving my Top 10 nominees. Of course, one of my nominees is my newly born lifestyle blog called "The Lifestyle Portal." I'm glad that majority of my nominees won.

I've learned a lot in the said summit. Professional speakers graced the event giving us interesting topics and online marketing strategies.

A Digital Influerncers T-shirt, an ID, an online magazine, and a bag of Macapuno dessert in the bottle were some of my souvenirs I've got. Of course, I met new people and new friend who truly inspire my heart! Cool!

Until the next year's event...c",)


Janette Toral said…
Thank you for coming Rocky. :)